What is AES ?

The Association of Social Education represents a non-governmental organization descended from the desire of the young people involved in the debate activity to develop and spread debate in Romania, as well as to become involved in other projects related to civic education, aiming at educating youth in a genuinely democratic spirit in order to make tomorrow's generation better and more tolerant. AES is a "grass-roots" initiative, developed by young people and designed to help young people.

In the four years since its foundation in mai 2003, AES has attracted over a hundred youngsters who regularly participate in its activities, as well as aproximately 20 members who are in charge of taking decisions and implementing the strategies regarding advertising, fund-raising and event organizing.

Anually, The Association of Social Education sends representatives to a series of national and international competitions, regularly demonstrating the excellent training received by its debaters. We hold as proof the numerous titles and distinctions awarded to the AES debaters. Moreover, The Association of Social Education plays an important part in sustaining and encouraging academic debating nationally and internationally, both through organizing many national debate trainings and through inviting other debate clubs to participate in debate tournaments organized here.

The experience gained within the debate club has been an important premise for older debaters in their university studies and career plans. As such, a lot of them currently occupy important positions of leadership in different copanies or are pursuing an education abroad. The debating activity has helped them understand and improve their aptitudes and qualities Finally, the young people involved in the debating program gain an advantage through their abilities in persuasion, argumentation, communication and team-work, aquired from their debates.

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